This Window - The Obscure Jude

Label: M4TR Productions
Catalog#: M4tr006
Format: CDr
Country: UK
Released: 01 Jun 2007
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Abstract, Experimental
Credits: Written-By - This Window

The first 15 tracks of this CD are from the 'This Window' 1989 cassette release Jude The Obscure. Band members on this release include: Peter Bright, Veronica Henry and Steve Portnoi. Below are the recording notes of Jude the Obscure written in 1989:

"Jude the Obscure" was released in May 1989 and is the second solo release by T/W on M4TR and is seen as a natural progression from the first tape 'Hope', which was released twelve months before. The songs on Jude are more inventive and the recording style more experimental e.g., the use of different speeds, machines, tape types with and without noise reduction, the use of microphones (different types in various different rooms)at one point the whole house became the studio, the bathroom the live room, the bedroom the dead room, etc. The most important thing about JTO is that these diverse factors combine together to create a whole product in which traditional songs of melody and musical structure combine with experimentation to compliment each other and the bitch is raw in places The use of instruments on JTO creates a bizarre effect, one minute a crazy AXEMAN guitar will disappear into a didgeridoo droning underneath a flute and eastern drum and the next a floating female vocal will be echoed by a telephone answer machine. The whole experience was a great adventure.


1 Morning (1:09)
2 6.25.40 (0:45)
3 Memories (1:45)
Vocals - Veronica Henry
4 Duck/Chow (2:07)
5 Obvious (2:05)
6 Last Man (2:57)
7 Pain 2 (1:43)
8 In Porto (2:02)
9 Bridal Day (1:53)
10 A Man (1:29)
Vocals - Veronica Henry
11 Pheonix (1:08)
12 Concerned Enquiry (4:05)
13 I Wait (2:12)
14 Birth (1:02)
15 Abbo (3:05)
16 Fallen Angel (3:23)
Vocals - Veronica Henry
17 For You (0:50)
18 Salle De Bain Mix (2:22)